Birdland Jazz & Cari Cole: Fall in New York City

NYC is one of my favorite cities in the world. The energy, the diversity, the's a beautiful, infectious hodgepodge of life that I'm addicted to. I recently visited my cousin who lives in Brooklyn Heights and decided to make it a productive trip. The first night I was there I had the opportunity to sing at Birdland Jazz. On Monday nights Jim Caruso hosts the popular Cast Party and I sat in with the classic Aretha tune, Natural Woman (you can check out a small clip below). Performing 3-4 times a week has killed a lot of the stage fright I use to have, but on that night I couldn't even eat my food. The talent was insane and so much fun to watch. I was freakishly nervous but I made it through and can now say that I've sung in NYC, at the famous Birdland.

I just finished taking a course from the amazing Cari Cole. Cari is a celebrity vocal coach and new business mentor with a vast amount of knowledge of the music industry. Her course has really helped me as an independent artist learn the ins-and-outs of the business and gain confidence in myself as an artist. I feel like you can never get too comfortable in whatever your craft is. Whether it's business, acting, singing, you have to constantly hone your abilities and strive to be better.

Later in the week I had the fortunate opportunity to spend half a day with Cari at her beautiful studio in Manhattan. The experience was beyond motivating. We made plans for 2015, listened to my demos, and made a roadmap for the next 12 months. I'm so focused on making music that is truly authentic and that speaks to anyone going through the same pains and emotions I am. The older I get and the more I become connected to this life of music I see how important it is to be vulnerable and true. Not just for me as an artist, but for the listener as well. I'm a music lover first and foremost and when I listen to my favorite artists I want to feel that connection. At the end of the day that's the experience I want to give someone listening to my music.

I had an amazing trip and came home even more ready to tackle the new year. I took a million pics but here are some of my favs!


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